Innovative, efficient, future-proof! Advanced technology for modern personnel management

Our ZEUS® Time and Attendance has established itself as a pioneer on the market and is known for its sophisticated system. Our customers appreciate the numerous advantages that this innovative solution brings and recognise the clear added value that it offers in many respects. The advanced technology opens doors to innovative approaches in personnel management that enable companies to operate more efficiently and with a greater focus on the future. In conjunction with our innovative ZEUS® HR Management, we bring two key aspects of HR Management together. ZEUS® HR Management is not just an extension of workforce management, but a holistic, digital solution for managing HR processes. Our comprehensive solution portfolio is available as a cloud solution or on premise in our own data centre.

How does automated data recording work?
Modern time recording systems utilise automated technologies such as RFID cards or an app, which make it possible to record times when employees are present via terminals or mobile devices. With the help of integrated reporting tools and analysis functions, dashboards and reports can be created and used to track working time trends, overtime and other relevant key figures. Automated time recording not only makes it easier for employees to clock in and out, but also provides HR managers with a precise overview of working hours, which facilitates payroll accounting and compliance.

How is data accessed online?
Both software solutions make it possible to access data from any location, regardless of whether this is via ZEUS® Time and Attendance or ZEUS® HR Management. This is possible via a web-based platform on a PC or laptop as well as via a mobile App. This offers a high degree of flexibility and transparency, particularly for employees working in the field or at different locations. HR managers also have the option of accessing the Personnel management or documents autonomously. This is because real-time information is often crucial in order to be able to react immediately to changes.

Is it possible to integrate ZEUS® Time and Attendance?
Integration with all ISGUS software solutions such as ZEUS® HR Management, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, ZEUS® Production Data Capture and ZEUS® Access Control is possible without any problems, as all ISGUS solutions are optimally harmonised with each other. At the same time, ISGUS software modules can be easily integrated into ERP systems such as SAP. Smooth data transfer takes place via various interfaces to operational data or project management. This avoids time-consuming duplication of work.

Which working time models can be stored in the software?
There is a wide range of working time models that can be stored in time recording systems. These include flexitime, part-time work, shift work, trust-based working hours, job sharing, seasonal work, home office, on-call duty and project-related working hours. The integration of different working time models into a time recording system enables companies to respond flexibly to the different needs of their employees and track working times at the same time.

What role do compliance and legal requirements play?
In ZEUS® HR Management, legal requirements and company guidelines can be stored in a digital personnel file. The requirements can be found via the data transfer in ZEUS® Time and Attendance, where they are checked for each booking and displayed in the event of a violation. This helps companies to comply with statutory provisions and labour law regulations. This can include, for example, the precise documentation of breaks, overtime and other working time-related aspects.

How does the integration of ZEUS® HR Management help to increase efficiency?
The advanced technology opens doors to innovative approaches in HR Management that enable companies to operate efficiently. Flexibility and adaptability make it possible to react immediately to the constantly changing requirements of the modern working environment. ZEUS® HR Management from ISGUS is a holistic, digital solution that is extremely flexible and customisable in conjunction with ZEUS® Time and Attendance. These two systems are true all-rounders. The combination of both systems optimises the workflow in companies, enabling working times to be managed efficiently, productivity to be increased and legal regulations to be complied with. All in all, the ISGUS solutions offer comprehensive added value for companies looking for a sophisticated, flexible and efficient solution in the field of time recording and HR Management.