Inflation and rising energy prices » reduce costs with ISGUS

Inflation is an important issue in our economy. Energy prices have risen sharply in recent years, and this has led to a considerable burden for companies. Energy-saving measures are an important topic in many companies. Not only can costs be reduced through electricity saving potentials, but the environmental impact can also be reduced. An essential component here is the hardware. By using energy-efficient components and reducing standby losses, a significant contribution can be made to saving energy.

Terminals on economy mode

Countless energy consumers are connected to the power grid in an office building or in production facilities. From coffee machines to large machinery systems, valuable electricity is constantly flowing. Many devices are only used temporarily and yet the electricity meters are running at full speed. If all these devices were put into sleep mode, a lot of energy could be saved. ISGUS has realised this idea and equipped its time recording terminals with an energy-saving function. This function is called GREEN IT. It saves a whopping 50% of the energy consumption. If the terminals are not used, they automatically go into energy-saving mode after three minutes. In snooze mode, only a very low power consumption is needed. Only when the terminal is activated via the touch display does the unit return to full power. Particularly at night, on weekends or holidays, the environmentally conscious terminals go dormant for a longer period and reduce consumption to a minimum.