Hybrid Working World » The future of work

The lockdowns and contact restrictions imposed since the outbreak of the corona pandemic accelerated modern forms of work, such as home office, enormously. However, flexible working time models were already an important aspect of high employer attractiveness before Corona. In a crisis like the corona pandemic, it is crucial to be able to react quickly to current events and to be able to adapt. Companies that improve their adaptability with hybrid business and working time models will be able to react quickly and flexibly to changing framework conditions in the future.

Hybrid working describes a working style in which office presence and home office merge. Hybrid working offers opportunities for employers and employees. With the help of hybrid forms of work, employees can work more concentrated than in open-plan offices, as disruptive factors are eliminated. As a result, the net working time increases and an increase in productivity is brought about. At the same time, hybrid work has a positive effect on people's well-being, which results in a sustained increase in motivation. For employees and the company, this development means an enormous gain in flexibility. At the same time, the change to a hybrid world of work also brings challenges.

ISGUS digital Workforce Management supports you in the introduction of a hybrid working concept. The ZEUS® solution fully meets the requirements for hybrid working and enables location-independent working. With ZEUS® Time & Attendance, you can solve all time management tasks in a time-saving and reliable manner and complete simple standard processes using workflows. The modularity of the ZEUS® software solution from ISGUS makes it possible to expand ZEUS® Time & Attendance at any time. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling interacts optimally with ZEUS® Time & Attendance and enables you to plan optimally so that the necessary staff with the required qualifications are available when you need them to achieve your goals. In addition, you can record your working and project times anytime and anywhere with the ZEUS® mobile smartphone app.

The future of work is hybrid: digital Workforce Management from ISGUS is your key to success.