How to clock as a remote worker?

As some studies show, working in a home office is not only an alternative to ensure distance between employees, but also a more efficient way of working for many. Moreover, a mix of office and location-independent working is shown to increase employee satisfaction overall. 

However, it is difficult to track the working hours of remote workers. You may be used to recording them differently for certain groups of employees, such as field workers, drivers or fitters who have to work remotely - which often involves stress and inaccuracies. But there are solutions to streamline and improve these processes

For employees with a business mobile phone or even via their private smartphone, mobile recording of working hours is a reliable solution. In just a few moments, the ISGUS app can be used to make clock-in/clock-out bookings or to start business trips and breaks. In addition, mobile recording offers the possibility to store geodata for bookings. This ensures that employees are actually at the relevant place of work and are not halfway there or even still at home when they should actually already be there. ZEUS® mobile can be used on all mobile devices and is available free of charge in the respective app stores. 

Alternatively, ZEUS® Time & Attendance can be used as a web application via the PC, perfect for those who are on business trips or work from home. All you need is an internet connection - you can then work comfortably and clearly on your laptop or PC.

All in all, the mobile solutions offer flexibility advantages, as employees are no longer tied to a fixed place of work. All bookings are transferred in real time and thus keep colleagues always up to date.