How can you protect your employees with the ISGUS Roll Call App?

Ensuring employee health and safety at work is a top priority for any business and organisation. With the Roll Call feature of ZEUS® mobile, we offer you an innovative solution to quickly and easily check and manage the safety status of your collaborators in an emergency situation. In our video, we show you how companies can benefit from the smart Roll Call function included in ZEUS® mobile to always keep track of the evacuation status in critical situations.

A possible trigger could be a fire alarm: in such a case, the app can provide valuable support during the evacuation process which, in compliance with EU legislation, is always completed with an automated e-mail notification. In this way, a clear record is kept of how long the entire evacuation process actually took. The Roll Call App is based on the people’s individual time bookings. Therefore, it is crucial that every collaborator clocks in upon arrival at the company and then clocks out again when leaving. This is how we can guarantee a maximum level of accuracy and reliability. The Roll Call App is part of our well-proven ZEUS® Time and Attendance solution deployed in many countries around the world. In other words, you can rely on tried-and-tested quality without any compromises. Our app not only allows you to keep full control of your employees’ safety, but also saves you valuable time and resources. Thanks to its unique functions and special features, this app is an absolute must-have for each company.

In an emergency, collaborators can be assigned three different evacuation statuses, namely “secure”, “open” and “absent”. Each of these three registers provides you with an accurate, up-to-date listing of all people based on their current evacuation status. On top, the ZEUS® mobile App allows you to add notes in order to keep a record of important information. This may include special instructions, contact details or emergency plans.

A fire, a natural disaster or any other hazardous situation – whatever the emergency, our solution enables you to react both quickly and properly. This saves you valuable time and, thanks to fast and efficient action in an emergency, you can reliably minimise the risk for your entire workforce. This is why we attach great importance to training your employees in the proper use of our solution.

Invest in the safety of your workforce and in the future of your company and rely on our Roll Call App: simple, fast and highly efficient! Let us work together to ensure that you are ideally prepared for any emergency.