Home office in 2020

According to a study from LogMeIn more than 50 percent of the German municipal wishes to continue to work from Home offices. Similar is the result of the poll in Great Brittan and the USA. Previously home offices were just an exception, say 21% of the interviewed; 42% had never worked in home offices before the pandemic.

Pros and cons from Home office:

+ The biggest advantage inside the LogMeIn study was the time saving. Long commuting times are eliminated.

+ Furthermore, one-third of the interviewed is confirming a better productivity and a higher satisfaction.

+ For 64% flexible organisation of working times and free division of working hours play an essential role.

+ Another advantage is the freedom to choose your clothes.

- Nearly half of the interviewed see the accomplishment of housework alongside the daily to dos for the employer as a challenge. There is also the problem, that parents have to work with her children, because schools and childcares are closed. For more than 13% is therefore the balance between professional activities and the duty to supervise the children difficult.

- Moreover, the daily exchange with colleagues is often missing. Almost every second survey participant find it difficult to communicate regularly with the team in the home office.

As a result, companies that were previously strongly opposed to home offices should in the future rethink their approach and offer their employees flexible working models. Digital Workforce Management therefore offers valuable support. Because agile personnel structures and the possibility to organise working times flexible have never been more important than in the current situation. With ZEUS®, the Workforce Management from ISGUS, home office is optimally depicted. Time and Attendance via Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone is possibly always and everywhere. Also the working time management is compliant to employment law and considers maximum working hours, breaks and rest periods.

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