Generation Z and the demands on the world of work

How technical innovations are changing our working world

Baby boomers and Generation X, Y, Z - four generations, one working world. What distinguishes the generations from each other are their different values and demands on the world of work. Priorities and demands have changed in four decades. From the digital revolution in the mid-90s, completely new working models and lifestyles have developed. Once it was "live to work", today the motto is "life first, then work". A change that, with rapidly advancing technical innovations, is far from over and certainly still has an exciting road ahead of it.  

Generation Z and the demands on the world of work

Born between 1995 and 2009, Generation Z are children of digitalisation. Having grown up with the "new markets", they are the first generation to belong 100% to the digital age. The introduction of the smartphone in 2007 not only fundamentally changed communication and shopping behaviour, but also opened up completely new ways of workplace design. Thanks to intelligent software solutions, employers today have many options to give employees freedom. No wonder, then, that expectations of flexible working conditions and living standards have also risen. Values such as health, reliability, family, freedom and justice are very much in demand. ISGUS has followed this trend. With its ZEUS® Workforce Management software solutions, the company is in tune with the times and meets the requirements of the younger generation with its ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® X mobile smartphone app modules.

Life-work balance becomes socially acceptable

Google has set an example. A healthy life-work balance accompanied by an increase in performance is possible. Hip working spaces, open-plan offices, chilled-out lounge zones, think tanks, remote workplaces and entire play halls with climbing walls, table football and ball pools have now found their place in modern companies. More creativity and higher productivity is the motto. Because satisfied, happy employees deliver higher output! The enthusiasm for maximum flexibility, self-determined work and feeling good drives the young people. Companies today need to understand and take into account these insights and the changing needs associated with them in order to attract and retain qualified staff.

A modern working world needs clear framework conditions

Modern working time models cannot be implemented entirely without a controlling authority and clear framework conditions. It needs the right tools, such as ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS. Software solutions tailored to individual needs make mobile or hybrid working possible in the first place. Easy access to operational systems and simple communication from a distance via PC, tablet or smartphone are now part of every modern company. Fast, interactive communication between employer and employee via an app such as ZEUS® X mobile is becoming more and more standard and fulfils the expectations of the young.

"Future Work" - the ideal workplace of tomorrow

Generation Alpha is the name given to those born between 2010-2024. What kind of work models do you think our youngest will find? Let's take a look into the future! Long commutes and fixed workplaces are a thing of the past. Our cities are green, car-free and are used for living and leisure. Every home has its own little working space with which workers can enter a virtual workspace directly from home. Sophisticated workforce management systems in the background are pulling the strings, recording, processing and documenting millions of data and information within miniseconds and passing them on to their users in real time via virtual glasses. Digital networks unite colleagues from all over the world and bring them together in virtual meeting rooms. Language barriers no longer play a role, because communication takes place via an automatic language function.

Even ISGUS does not have a crystal ball in its dark chamber in which the future can be determined. What is certain, however, is that ISGUS is always on the ball and will continue to create smart solutions for the modern working world in the future.