Expert opinion on time recording

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has commissioned an expert opinion on the implementation of the ECJ ruling on working time recording of 14 May 2019 in order to examine a possible need for legal action. The result is now available.

The expert opinion shows that German labour law does not meet the requirements of the Working Time Directives and formulates a concrete legal need for action. By creating a simple, objective and reliable system, it can be ensured that working time is correctly recorded and the associated strengthening of employees' rights is realised.

As a result of digitization, our working world is in a state of constant change. Especially in times of constant accessibility, new forms of work and flexible working hours, it is important to strengthen the rights of employees. Making working hours more flexible must not mean that the boundaries between working time and rest periods disappear. A recording obligation therefore guarantees fair working conditions for all employees.

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