European Court of Justice - duty to record working hours

The European Court of Justice has ruled that employers in the EU must now record the working hours of their employees. What used to be only for overtime is thus extended to the entire working time.

Why does recording of Time & Attendance become obligatory? 

Recording T&A will ensure that the permitted working hours of employees is not exceeded and the employees' rights are adhered to in accordance with EU directives and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This obligation should therefore contribute to additional employee protection. So far in Germany, as in many other countries, only recording overtime was obligatory, but not total hours worked. This is not enough according to the current judgment of the European Court of Justice. Therefore, a systematic duty to record working hours has been enforced now.

Duty to record Time & Attendance: What do companies have to do now?

The judgement can certainly have a major impact on the processes of many European companies since not all companies as yet record the working hours of their employees. How the judgement will be implemented, is currently not clear, but companies would certainly be advised to implement a Time & Attendance system to simplify the routine procedure of recording of hours in compliance with this new legislation.

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