Employee Experience

Employee experience is a promising approach for HR managers that like to create an inspiring and fulfilling experience. While digitization and automation, but also the general generational change are changing the world of work, the aim remains to positively influence the employee’s interactions and impressions in relation to the company.

Workforce Management from ISGUS can optimally be included into this process. Thanks to the well thought-out rights & roles concept, the employee is given all necessary access rights to move around the premises from day one. The HR department can easily assign employees to predefined roles and therefore does not have to redefine all working time and absence regulations from new and also department managers get direct access to the new employee. With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling employees can directly be adopted in different shifts. Those background processes build in combination with processes that are actively be designed by employees a part of the Employee Experience.

ISGUS terminals, the web terminals or the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile offers possibilities to do IN and OUT bookings, check balances, do holiday or absence requests, apply for shift swaps and much more. It doesn’t matter if you work from home, in the office or on the road. Depending on which solution is the right one for your company, production data can also be captured. Previously laborious tedious processes can be started interactively and intuitively, which are forwarded directly to the appropriate approver via automatic workflows. Not only the customer is king - the employee should also be seen as such. Thanks to the simple user interface within the ISGUS software solutions, you can provide your employees or colleagues with a tool that facilitates all workforce management processes through digitalisation.

The concept of the Employee Experience is not limited to the HR department, but includes all employees of the company. The modern ISGUS Workforce Management also facilitates collaboration between multiple departments. With our Software as a Service solution, your data can be stored securely and in compliance with data protection regulations in the ISGUS Cloud and you have no IT expenses of your own. Access is also possible from home or on the road.

In summary, ISGUS Workforce Management is an important component on the way to a successful employee experience. This will lead to more commitment, productivity, motivation, enthusiasm and an overall stronger performance of the team in your company. Request your solution now...