Electronic sick note » ISGUS offers a suitable solution

The electronic certificate of incapacity to work (eAU) is an essential building block for the digitalisation of the working world. Thanks to the eAU, processes are accelerated, employees are relieved and companies are supported. In the past, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach blocked the implementation of the eAU several times, but it will now be implemented at the beginning of 2023. The employer calls up a corresponding data record, which the health insurance company creates for him for the notification of incapacity for work. The patient continues to receive a printout on request.

ISGUS offers the perfect software solution for the electronic certificate of incapacity for work for your company and your HR department. Thanks to the high interface competence of ZEUS® Workforce ManagementISGUS customers will use the eAU effortlessly from 2023. The powerful software solutions from ISGUS make your everyday work easier and ensure increased productivity for your employees.