Electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAu) will be mandatory for all companies from 1 January 2023 onwards

The digital procedure for the electronic transmission of certificates of incapacity for work (eAU) has been active since January. For the employee, it has the advantage that he or she can save the trip to the employer. The yellow certificate only serves as a receipt for the employee and no longer has to be submitted to the company in paper form. On the other hand, the employer is now obliged to obtain the sickness absence data electronically via the respective health insurance funds. It is important to note that the sensitive data can only be transferred to the HR department via a digital interface. This requires certified software such as ZEUS® eXperience.

ZEUS® Workforce Management - interface competence that counts

The compatibility of a software with other systems is nowadays an important factor in the decision to introduce a workforce management system. For this reason, ISGUS solutions are far-sighted and have the appropriate interfaces to interact with other systems and to transfer data securely. Especially in the case of interfaces to public institutions, the technical requirements are high. In connection with the eAU, therefore, only software solutions certified by the ITSG (Informationstechnische Servicestelle der GKV) are permitted. ISGUS has been certified for the ZEUS® eXperience module since December and is therefore one of the selected providers for this programme.

ZEUS® eXperience makes eAU processing possible

When introducing the electronic procedure, the responsibility must be clearly defined in advance. The retrieval of personal data is exclusively incumbent on persons with a corresponding responsibility and can only take place if there is an authorisation. This means that there must be an employment relationship between the employee and the employer during the requested period. Proof of illness is still only required from the third day onwards. Since the transmission of an eAU takes several days, a query to the GV is only possible from the fifth day. The sick person is therefore obliged to inform his employer immediately about the inability to work. If the data are finally on the internal server, the exchange of information between time recording, personnel planning and payroll accounting takes place automatically via the ZEUS® eXperience software and the data appear on the respective account of the sick person.

What you need to bear in mind

To participate in an eAU procedure, employers must have a system-approved payroll accounting programme or time recording system. The data is accessed via a communication server of the statutory health insurance funds; the data should be accessed at least once a week. In-house processes and electronic procedures are important technical prerequisites that enable the smooth retrieval of the eAU data and the simultaneous automatic transfer to the personal calendar. With the ZEUS® eXperience solution, companies are on the safe side to communicate with health insurers via digital platforms.