Efficient Staff Scheduling in Healthcare » ZEUS® from ISGUS ensures flexibility and efficiency

Sometimes there are worlds between the corporate goals and their implementation. This also seems to apply to the digitisation of staff scheduling, which offers great opportunities but is still being neglected by many companies. Reliable and transparent staff scheduling plays a central role, particularly within the healthcare system, so that optimal and caring care of patients can be guaranteed. The corona pandemic brought numerous new challenges for the healthcare system in this regard. The increased need for personnel is compensated with overtime, temporary workers and temporary work and burdens the success. However, this approach is not effective and causes overloading of the staff and also inhibits efficiency and agility. Digital Staff Scheduling is therefore elementary in order to master the new challenges and at the same time not to neglect the well-being of the patients.

A concept developed together with you and tailored to your needs and possibilities is the basis for the ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, which is adapted to your requirements and introduced according to your specifications. The ZEUS® software modules Staff Scheduling and Time & Attendance complement each other ideally and support you in determining personnel requirements and schedule staff. You will be made aware of understaffing and overstaffing as well as absences at any time. You always have up-to-date working time accounts, vacation calendars and absence planning available when planning. In the event of a plan underfunding, employees who are eligible for coverage are selected and informed directly via the integrated messenger on the ISGUS terminal, in the ZEUS® mailbox and mobile by email and push notification and can contact them interactively to accept or reject the suggested assignment. With the digital shift swap, employees are able to exchange shifts with colleagues independently. The solution uses the same communication channels as the shift offer.