Easter time equals vacation time! Feet up - also for HR!

Finally Easter. Who does not know it! The first warm rays of sunshine and we are already heading south. Soak up the sun again and leave the cold days behind. A reason for joy for some, but a tiresome topic for others. Because with the beginning of the travel season, the unpleasant vacation planning also starts for the personnel managers. Who, when and how presents them with the same challenges every year at the start of their journey. What a hassle in personnel deployment planning without the appropriate software!

ISGUS has long recognized the complexity of this problem and has worked intensively on the development of a needs-based and professional personnel deployment plan. As an integral part of ZEUS® Workforce Management, the ZEUS® Staff Scheduling software is one of the most important tools for all personnel managers in a wide variety of industries. The core task of the program is to take into account the requirements and qualifications of the employees and to compare them with the working conditions and holiday requests. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling makes connections visible and reveals needs assessments.

The larger and more extensive the workforce, the more opaque the processes become. The ZEUS® Staff Scheduling software therefore links individual processes into a complex whole, so that quantitative, qualitative and time planning meet and complement each other. Different work processes can be adapted, because no two companies are alike. ISGUS sees itself as a service partner and takes on the individual adjustments. A maximum of flexibility and an economically optimal personnel requirement are in the foreground.

The software is supported by intuitive, simple menu navigation, with the help of which all parties can interact with the program, regardless of location, via various end devices such as ISGUS terminals, PCs, tablets or smartphones. The ISGUS app for the digital shift exchange is particularly popular. This allows short-term and unplanned change (holiday) requests to be implemented via official channels. A short request from the employee is enough and the colleagues can react independently. A big step towards modern employee management.

We say - feet up - also for HR! With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, you too can sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation time. Happy Easter!