Digitization in medium-sized companies » Use ZEUS® time management in the ISGUS app

Medium-sized companies are considered the backbone of the German economy. Digitization is an elementary building block for medium-sized companies to remain competitive in the long term. However, a recent survey by KfW shows that German SMEs are lagging behind when it comes to digitization. Despite the progress made, the state development bank KfW still sees a considerable backlog in digitization in German SMEs. There was a digitization push in German medium-sized companies during the Corona crisis. However, there are still too few complex digitization projects. One of the central drivers is the expectation among medium-sized companies that demand will permanently shift in the direction of digital offers and sales channels. Nevertheless, Germany is only in the middle when it comes to digitization in an international comparison. In view of the rapid technological transformation, German medium-sized companies cannot allow themselves weaknesses in digitization. Comprehensive digitization projects based on an objective digitization strategy are considered expedient to create a crisis-resistant and sustainable corporate structure.

In view of these facts and the new challenges that have arisen, ISGUS offers the optimal solution for medium-sized companies with digital Workforce Management. In this regard, the ZEUS® mobile app precisely meets the requirements of the new world of work. The ZEUS® mobile app enables you to record time and data from anywhere via smartphone or tablet PC. In particular, newly created forms of work such as hybrid work can be easily implemented in the ISGUS app. In addition, this also means recording work and project times for Time & Attendance where they occur, with geodata if desired. By using ZEUS® Workforce Management in your company, you benefit from the advantages of digitization and create transparency and added value in your company.