Digitisation of public administration

The global pandemic is forcing many local authorities to change their processes and offer more digital alternatives. During the last weeks and months many topics could be move unbureaucratically to the web and more will follow. But this is not a short-term solution – on the contrary. Even after the Corona crisis there is no way back to the old solution. Modernisation of public administrations is long since lapsed and has received a boost trough the pandemic. But the end of this process is still far away. Processes need to be optimized and digitalized. Taking into account the different state requirements, which can be very different up to municipal formulations, it will take some time.

Citizens expect fast and unbureaucratically support today and in the future. Digital processes from A to Z are the solution. To simplify all processes, the focus should also be on the inside. Thought from A to Z, W could mean Workforce Management. Because even the work in the public services need to be planned, recorded and secured. With the modules of ISGUS’ Workforce Management you have a comprehensive solution. Time & Attendance, Access Control, Staff Scheduling and Production Data Capture are modules that every public administration requires. Those can also be used digital and mobile with the ISGUS system ZEUS®. Use our solutions on premise, at home offices or mobile with the app, which is perfectly integrated into the system.

With our Workforce Management system, you schedule the assignments of the employees at the public services, record their working times, do job costing tasks and also have a secure building network that is monitored by ZEUS®. Everything simple and digital in one system.