Digitalization in the public sector » ISGUS app enables use on the move

Digitalization is bringing profound and lasting change to our society. Due to the increasing use of digital technologies, processes are being diminished and are becoming more and more transparent. This is especially true for the public service. Through the use of digital technologies, processes in the public service can be made more efficient and procedures more transparent. This in turn has a positive effect on the future. Because a paperless office is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient.

The ISGUS App ZEUS® mobile allows you to record your working and project times anytime and anywhere. Mobile, modern and multifunctional, the ISGUS App makes time recording mobile for smartphones and tablets. Especially in the public sector, the creation of workflow requests for corrections, absences and business trips plays an important role. Approve your employees' requests conveniently on your smartphone. You always have information about the planned staff deployment and those currently present in your area of responsibility at hand.