Digitalisation creates trust

Increase employee satisfaction with software solutions

Employees in Germany spend an average of 34.8 hours a week at work. That is a lifetime that no one wants to spend in a bad environment. The trend towards work-life balance and an improved quality of life at work is catching on and is a clear message to employers. A relaxed, pleasant working atmosphere is the goal. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and rising costs, employees are a valuable asset. Those who want to celebrate success in the future must have the foresight to focus not only on their clientele, but also look within their own ranks for tools and ways to win over employees for their company.

Brave new working world

Transparency, flexibility and self-determination. These are the pillars on which the new working world is built. Without digital support, such as ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS, this is hard to imagine. Digitisation makes mobile and creates unprecedented freedom for the entire employee community. With intelligent software solutions, modern companies today collect sympathy points with their employees and strengthen employer branding.

Transparency makes the working world a little better

Whether at home or in the office - every hour of extra work counts. And that is a good thing, because it is the only way to ensure fair remuneration. Thanks to fast time recording via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs using the X ZEUS® mobile app, the work performed is precisely documented and stored in the system. Both employees and supervisors have full transparency at all times about overtime, holidays, flexitime or shift work. This eliminates misunderstandings in advance and nips resentment in the bud. With ZEUS® Time & Attendance, everyone involved is on the same page. This creates trust and appreciation.

Flexibility for a higher quality of life

Which young parents don't know it? The balancing act between parental duty and responsibility towards the employer is often a real feat. Sudden illness or school absences at short notice cannot be planned for. Good for those who have an understanding employer. What an advantage to be able to adjust your working hours to unexpected events as needed. For example, you can contact your colleagues directly via an app, such as the X ZEUS® mobile app, to swap shifts or coordinate with your supervisor. Software solutions make the working world more human and increase the quality of life.

Self-determination creates space for creativity  

Waking up in the morning and being free to decide where and when to work today has its own special charm. This is a working model that is certainly not suitable for all professions, but is particularly popular with creative workers. Some activities run more efficiently in a quiet room, while others require team spirit. Thanks to intelligent software solutions, employees can decide for themselves which place is suitable at any given moment and give free rein to their creativity. Whether the early riser enters the office at five in the morning or the night owl visits the premises late at night - with ZEUS® access control and ZEUS® Time & Attendance, everything is permitted.