Digital Workforce Management: Use securely in the Cloud

Digital Workforce Management to organise, control and manage employees and company's data is well established in many companies. A system where Time and AttendanceStaff Scheduling and Production Data Capture are ideally connectected to each other and that additionally can assigne access authorisations for individual room zones, is a main requirement for the work in a modern working world.

The digital Workforce Management from ISGUS offers you exactly this. In ZEUS® all modules are supplemented to a comprehensive modular system, that can be accesed by different terminals, the web or the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile. Therefore it doesn't matter if your system is hosted on premise in your own IT environment or in the ISGUS Cloud. But our Software as a Service solution offers you decisive advantages. 

All compatibility checks between database, server and system are already eliminated at the setup phase and you save maintenance costs and investments for new hardware at the beginning and during opertaion. The ISGUS Cloud makes your workforce management a cost factor that can be planned for the long term, but which greatly reduces the investment risk.


Besides the smooth operation, the ISGUS Cloud relies on the security of all data. Through additional measurements, that have been taken next to the aspects of the european general data protection regulation, our data centre is certified by ISO/IEC 27001 and meets the highest security requirements.