Digital Time Recording - Agile Workforce Management Makes People Capable of Acting and Creates Trust

A veritable firework of information was provided to the 470 participants of this year's HR Tech online conference from the areas of HR Tech, HR Software, Payroll, Time & Attendance and Access Management, Learning Technologies and HR Innovation.

We are proud to have been part of this successful event!

The different perspectives and approaches that came together through the wealth of information and discussions were enriching to develop new ideas for the future.

How do modern companies work today?

Faster, higher, further! It is human nature to always set out for new horizons and to strive for something higher. Maintaining a healthy mix of work and life is easier said than done. But what was still a pipe dream years ago is now reality!

With the successful introduction of a modern workforce management solution, you not only motivate your employees, but above all increase their efficiency and at the same time enable a balanced work-life relationship.

Innovatively solve all time recording tasks with ISGUS, benefit from greater flexibility and more freedom. Create workflow requests for corrections, absences and business trips and approve your employees' requests conveniently on your smartphone anytime, anywhere with the ZEUS® mobile app.

With ZEUS® software solutions, you will achieve your goals and take the right step into a modern future.

You did not have the opportunity to attend? No problem! We have recorded our presentation for you.