Digital Time & Attendance in meat industry

The corona outbreaks in some German slaughterhouses have brought to light many unpleasant details: gagging contracts for employees, poor working conditions and accommondation in miserable flats. In future, only permanent employees will be responsible for slaughtering, cutting and processing meat; temporary work contracts will be prohibited.

Additionally, the working times should be captured electronically in the future, because manipulations have been done to avoid legal minimum wages. Violations of the Working Hours Act – according to which employees are generally not allowed to work more than eight hours per day and must have breaks – will in future be punishable by a fine of 30,000 euros. Previously, the fine was EUR 15,000. However, the tightened regulations do not apply to the butchery trade with fewer than 50 employees. This is because up to now there have been no abuses like in the large meat factories.

Comprehensive introduction of digital Time & Attendance

A fast, transparent and sub-contractable solution is necessary for the meat industry. The Time & Attendance must allow immediate and simple operation of the booking devices, as well as provide the proofs without gaps and at any time. Due to the cooperation with sub-contractors, who employ their own temporary workers, the time and attendance software must also be scalable.

With the Workforce Management provided by ISGUS you get such a future-safe Time and Attendance System. It doesn’t matter how many sub-contractors you are commissioning and how many employees are employed. Your own company as well as your sub-contractors can do bookings in your Time and Attendance, which allows your company to get completely data and transparency.

ZEUS® Workforce Management creates transparency for the meat industry

The “Act to Improve Enforcement in Occupational Safety and Health” has called on many companies to take action. Digital Workforce Management creates the prerequisites for a future-proof working time organisation to the benefit of companies and employees. Whether legally compliant recording of working hours or transparent documentation of working hours – workforce management works on many levels.

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