Digital Time & Attendance in companies » Complete success with ZEUS® from ISGUS

For years, the recording of working hours was only regulated to a limited extent in Germany. With the decree of the European Court of Justice in May 2019, the world of work is now being turned upside down and companies in Europe are being urged to take care of objective and reliable recording of working hours. The time clock was the daily companion of employees for many decades. Nowadays, however, this form of time recording is considered antiquated and outdated. After all, there are now numerous working time models and not every employee automatically works their working hours in the company. In particular, mobile working and home office have increased in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The digital Time & Attendance from ISGUS is suitable for all industries and company sizes and can be individually designed. Thanks to the high practical relevance and performance of the ZEUS® Time & Attendance, working times and absenteeism are reliably automated. As a result, your effort for routine activities is significantly reduced. All these functions are available for smartphones and tablets and make time management completely location-independent. Another advantage of ZEUS® Time & Attendance is the optimal interaction with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. Management positions thus have a good overview of the available staff. In addition, the General Data Protection Regulation is complied with.