Digital Staff Scheduling » for the SME sector

Medium-sized companies are under particular competitive pressure, which is often felt in one sensitive area: personnel costs. Employees are a company's most important resource and are largely responsible for its economic success. The trend of digitalisation, strongly accelerated by the Corona pandemic, is another challenge that must be mastered. Only if staff are deployed efficiently can successful action be taken in the long term.

ISGUS digital staff scheduling combines these two points perfectly. In ZEUS® you can plan upcoming shifts from anywhere and always have all necessary data at hand, such as the holiday planning of your employees or the current time balances, so that subsequent adjustments are unnecessary. With digital staff schedulingstaff bottlenecks can be quickly localised and directly eliminated. The possibilities of digital workforce planning reduce your planning effort and ultimately increase the efficiency of your entire company through the demand-oriented deployment of employees.

With the ISGUS solution, you also have an overview of all legal regulations and applied protection laws that apply to your medium-sized company and also include personal preferences of your employees. The shift offer and the interactive shift swap also enable you to react ideally to short-term absences, as both you as the planner and your employees can react.