Digital processes pave the way for NEW WORK

"NEW WORK describes a contemporary understanding of work in an era of globalisation and digitalisation. The core values of NEW WORK are freedom, independence and participation in the community. Practical examples of this are freelancing, the 6-hour working day and coworking spaces." This is how the new way of working online is interpreted. More than ever, coping with this new world of work requires excellent Workforce Management that goes far beyond traditional Time and Attendance and Staff Scheduling.

Flexibility and efficiency are key concepts. Companies need solutions that not only optimise their processes, but also increase employee satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty. The ALL-IN-ONE solution from ISGUS offers an answer to these requirements. The challenges of the NEW WORK can only be mastered with carefully thought-out processes and a high degree of digitalisation:

  • High flexibility for an improved quality of life: With digital support, companies can introduce more flexible working models and at the same time respond better to the needs of their employees, which leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Maximum efficiency in personnel deployment: The automation of work processes and optimised planning of personnel deployment with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling improve resource utilisation and employee utilisation. Agile processes also ensure greater efficiency and better results.
  • Greater security and transparency: ZEUS® Workforce Management offers a secure infrastructure and clear authorisations to protect sensitive data. The high level of transparency creates trust and loyalty among both management and employees.

Digital support, such as the ZEUS® Workforce Management software solutions from ISGUS, makes it possible to design customised working models and paves the way for a modern working environment. Transparency, flexibility and self-determination are the basis for this. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to intelligent software solutions to gain the trust of their employees and strengthen their employer image.

At a time when competition for talent is fierce and employee expectations are rising, comprehensive Workforce Management is crucial to a company's long-term success. With the clever solutions from ISGUS for NEW WORK, companies are ideally equipped to tackle the challenges ahead and achieve sustainable success.