Digital, flexible, agile - the importance of mobile time management in the modern working world

The most important reasons at a glance

It's incredible how fast our working world is changing. Digitization has made many things possible. Outdated work structures have been broken down and have created a flexible and free working world. In order to keep up with the changing conditions and ever new requirements, HR managers must keep up with the times and use digital solutions efficiently. We will shortly be putting on paper for you what advantages mobile time management systems have and how you can use them sensibly. 

At any time and from any place

In many professions, only a laptop is needed as a work tool. This makes it easy to work from any location and at any time. As a result, the demands on employers have increased and become more versatile. Flexible working hours, home office, part-time, job sharing. However, even these working time models are subject to company rules, tariffs and legal requirements. Without intelligent software solutions, these processes are difficult to control and map. With the ZEUS® mobile app developed by ISGUS, working times can be recorded, vacation requests submitted or absences corrected conveniently from a distance. A smartphone or tablet is all that is needed to access the accounts while on the road.

Short-term change in personnel

Shift managers and supervisors know the problem. Short-term staff absences must be expected at any time. In the past, this was a laborious and time-consuming organizational challenge. Today, with ZEUS® mobile, this issue is off the table. With the app, employees have it in their own hands to react to short-term changes and exchange information directly via a shift swap exchange. Since everyone involved has insight into the staff schedule via the app, important information and changes are not lost. The entire team is always in the picture and up to date via push messages.

A watchful eye

Our legislator has a watchful eye on the working hours of employees. Since this year, the obligation to record working hours has been enshrined in law. The reason for this is the sharp rise in overtime, especially in home offices based on trust-based working hours, and the associated health risks. Every company is now obliged to record and document working hours for the entire workforce. In times of remote work, this can be easily implemented via the mobile app. A short entry is all that is needed and the working time is recorded and documented in the system. The data is available at the touch of a button and can be read out as needed.

Project management made easy  

Managing projects can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Showing the time spent and the coordination of the team transparently and realistically at all times is difficult to manage without the appropriate software. The ZEUS® mobile app, on the other hand, automatically records project times and assigns them to the respective projects. The management can thus assign all activities, whether field service, administration or manual work, directly to the respective project. The team has free rein to work independently and flexibly, while the project manager keeps an eye on costs and overtime at all times. With ZEUS® mobile time recording, project management is easy and saves time and money.