Digital change

Our goal is a digitisation based on security and progression, which presents new opportunities for everyone. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is increasingly penetrating our everyday life: as you know on our ever present smartphones, digitisation is progressed rapidly. The benefits of networking web-based services and the exchange of information can be seen in many areas of Industry.

Ultimately, the “digital transformation” of society and the economy represents a far-reaching break. Existing value chains are being broken up and traditionally successful business models and market positions are being put to the test. Fundamentally new ways of thinking and business models conquer the markets of the future. Even in German companies the digital transformation gains momentum. Related to this is a fundamental shift from society and industry. The system capability and intelligent networking of sensors, devices, machines and other equipment is a basic requirement for all future projects related to digital transformation.  Only if, right at the beginning of an innovation process, a cross-business model approach is taken, challenges become solutions and opportunities become market advantages.

ISGUS workforce management offers you software and hardware solutions for personnel and time management. Time & Attendance, Access Control, Production Data Capture and Staff Scheduling support you in the implementation of your strategy and cost planning. With ISGUS you have the choice to use Time & Attendance as a classical solution on premise, or outsourced in the ISGUS Cloud. The different modules of ISGUS’s ZEUS® solution cover all important sectors of personnel and time management. Depending on requirements the production data capture and job costing modules can be combined ensuring efficiency gains with cost advantages.

The potential of digitisation can only be exploited if it is possible to create confidence in the security of data transmission. Digitisation therefore requires the security of data and infrastructures. With the help of ZEUS® SaaS you can use our web-based solutions ZEUS® just as autonomously and individually as in an “in-house” application. The challenge, however, is that with the increasing complexity of systems, it becomes more and more difficult to see through and check all properties. This increases the risk of data gaps, which can lead to failures or be used for attacks. However, your ZEUS® solution is available to you around the clock without restrictions and on a mobile basis. The ISGUS data centre ensures a high level of system stability of 99.5%. The technology in our data centre and its location at our company headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen offers absolute security for our SaaS customers.