Customer statement Transaktionssysteme Austria

“Transaktionssysteme Austria GmbH” is responsible for many large-scale projects around the globe. They are currently deliver the traction motors for the latest generation of the Moscow metro. It transports about 8 million people a day. Furthermore, TSA delivers the entire drive system for the X-carriage of the Siemens-built rail vehicles for the new U5 line  in Austria. The noise protection requirements in Vienna were a challenge. The resulting whispering drive brought several patents along the way.

With the ZEUS® Access Control system, TSA relies on a 3-phase-concept. The outer boundary controls the entry to the company premises. The second one regulates access to the building. Access to the parts of the building requiring special protection is handled with two-factor-authentication system. In addition to transponder technology, a pin must be entered.

The staff time recording with the IN/OUT bookings is processed by ZEUS® Time and Attendance via a certified interface to SAP. Only there is the wage calculated. This option was a significant factor when deciding to use ISGUS solutions. SAP is the central hub of all data at TSA. ZEUS® Time and Attendance basically handles this process independently, but also offers a certified SAP interface.