Customer statement IKK classic

Customized cloud solution successfully implemented in a very short time - more than 8,000 employees from IKK Classic use the ZEUS® Time & Attendance software, operationally simple with easy to use web terminals, benefiting from easy accessibility and 24/7 availability of the system.

IKK Classic is a German health insurance organisation based in Dresden. The public corporation is Germany’s biggest Craft Guild Health Insurance and is positioned with around 3.2 Million IKK insured customers, plus 450,000 business customers, placed 7th on the list of the top ten health insurances. At 181 locations all over Germany the IKK Classic employs more than 8,000 employees, for which working time, absence and vacation accounts are handled.

Requirement to modernise Time & Attendance

The previously used software for IKK’s Time Recording did not meet their requirements and expectations anymore. In addition, the software support was to be discontinued at the end of the year, due to a new replacement product.

Following the need for modern Time & Attendance, a decision was made: because of the lack of automation, existing performance problems and insufficient reporting, a new solution was required to deliver a modern Workforce Management, with a new and flexible system, that communicates automatically with their Human Resource module OK.PWS from AKDB AOER. A critical requirement for the new system, as it needed to be a cloud solution

We were able to stop the manual process for more than 1,000 forms every calendar quarter. Additionally, there is no separate data maintenance in excel anymore, because of the new software solution", project manager Strunck told us. 

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