Creativity and inventiveness required from human resources managers

How companies can attract potential employees.

Vacant positions are a major cost eater for companies. The missing services either have to be bought in expensively or productivity suffers. At the same time, money is needed for recruiting, onboarding and training. Not to mention declining morale, loss of image and minimised services. All in all, companies with a high turnover and a severe shortage of skilled workers have to cope with considerably higher costs.

In times like these, you as a human resources manager are challenged. In order to attract new employees and at the same time keep up the morale of the workforce, you have to bring all your creativity and inventiveness to bear. So that you can devote yourself entirely to these tasks, we already take a large part of your work off your hands with our intelligent ISGUS Workflow Management software solutions.

Employer branding and online presence

Suitable candidates are active online and search the web for relevant jobs. To generate attention from the desired clientele, companies need to stand out from the crowd by increasing their online presence and using all relevant channels. The online presence must match the overall company presence and be backed up with real arguments.

Employer branding is more than just a term. A strong corporate brand moves mountains. It is worthwhile to sharpen the corporate image internally and externally and to mark a company with a positive image. This is achieved by positioning oneself as an attractive and modern employer and communicating this continuously and sustainably.

Employer branding is not only used to recruit employees. Loyalty and satisfaction in one's own ranks are indispensable to retain employees in the long term. Open communication, appreciation and respectful interaction are important components of a modern corporate culture and promote motivation and willingness to perform.  Satisfied employees also become influencers and automatically convey positive messages to potential applicants.

ISGUS - the silent helper in the background

HR managers bear a great responsibility. Today more than ever before. The to-do list is long and every day is full of new challenges. ISGUS, with its solutions for Access Control, Staff Scheduling, Plan Data Collection and Time & Attendance, acts as a silent helper in the background. The modern software solutions of the ZEUS® family contain many innovative technologies. These make everyday work easier for HR managers by mapping complex tasks transparently, linking them with each other and controlling processes efficiently. In addition to the high cost savings, the ISGUS Workflow Management System brings considerable time savings so that HR managers can exploit their full potential for empolyer branding and employee recruitment.