Cost advantages through Software as a Service » ISGUS offers added value for your company

Software as a Service is on everyone's lips and makes a significant contribution to the digitization of numerous companies. ISGUS offers you a state-of-the-art data center for this, which allows you to use ZEUS® SaaS effortlessly and you do not have to invest in your own IT equipment. The so-called "hidden" costs for the administration, maintenance and updating of your own IT infrastructure are also a thing of the past. The monthly SaaS fee includes the use of the ZEUS® software licenses in ISGUS' own data center and software maintenance. As a Software a a Service customer of ISGUS, you always use the latest technology and also benefit from the innovations from ISGUS.

With ZEUS® SaaS, you shift the investment risk, because due to the individual license size, you only pay for the scope of services that you need. This will improve your cost structure and give you more planning security for your financial and budget planning! Any administration effort, data backups, etc. by your own IT staff is no longer necessary and is therefore a relief. The introduction and ongoing operation of our solution can take place completely independently of your other IT projects. With ISGUS at your side and ZEUS® Workforce Management, digitization in the ISGUS Cloud will be a complete success.