Corporate security through access control system

An access control system controls the different access authorisations at day and night and for different employee roles. This is a comfotable solution to gurantee corporate security. The ISGUS solution ZEUS® Access Control is the ideal system to implement this. Our big readers portfolio offers you the perfect product for each locality, even if it must be vandalism-proof or a particulary space-saving installation.

What used to be portrayed as science fiction in films in the days when keys were passed on every day has long since become reality. Differebt methods like biometrics via fingerprint, RFID, NFC or PIN-Codes are available for employers to enable their employees the access to their working place at the right time. Even external persons like visitors, cleaning staff or craftsmen can be added to the system, so you can control who's allowed to be where at anytime.

Access Control systems like ZEUS® Access Control go far beyond the opening of doors, barriers and gates. Individual room zones or access areas can be created where only authorised employees have access. Furthermore, access authorisations can be filled when booking IN. This create the highest possible liberties and flexibility which guarantees company security around the clock.