Corona supports digitisation

COVID-19 has propelled us into the digital future. Before the lockdown it was hard to imagine that teams would no longer work together at one place, but meanwhile it has become a habit to work in home offices.

The corona crisis is driving digitisation. Working from home was already known, but became an integral part of work through the lockdown. Companies need to be prepared to invest more money into digitisation of their employees at home. But often rejection, uncertainty or excessive demands are the reasons why companies are against digital work. 

Especially a missing digital workforce management creates the problem that many people lost the overview, which personnel is presence or absence at which time.  However, this is not exactly conducive to further digitalisation and modern ways of working in the company.

If you can't access the personnel system at home, you're cut off the staff scheduling process. To avoid this problem in the future, we have THE solution for you and your colleagues with our mobile workforce management. Employees can do IN or OUT bookings, display flexitimes or submit workflow requests simply via our web terminal or the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile.  

This creates not only a better overview for your employees, but also reliefs managers at the company.

With our solutions you make the leap into digitisation for sure! Find out more and get consultation.