An end to paperwork » with ZEUS® Time and Attendance

Say goodbye to paper - the days of paper management are over. In a world characterised by advancing digitalisation and technology, it is time to say goodbye to outdated, time-consuming paper processes. ISGUS offers you the perfect solution to leave the paper economy behind and revolutionise your workflows.

ISGUS, as a 135 year old company, which still offered the so-called time clocks in the days of the paper economy, has already been the leading provider of Workforce Management solutions for several years. With Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you can manage your working hours digitally and view your hours account at any time.

The digital ZEUS® Time and Attendance offers the individual solution for all industries and company sizes. Solve all tasks in a time-saving and reliable way thanks to our time recording software. Workflows, automatic notifications and interactive communication between human and system are standard processes that become easy to handle with our software.

Ready for a new era of time recording? Then scroll on and discover the diverse functions and advantages of our solution! Let us shape your path into the future of time and attendance together - efficient, transparent and future-oriented with ISGUS.