Active integration of employees into time management processes

HR departments of companies are currently facing practical tests. Operations must be continued, flexible solutions for employees are required and the attractiveness for new employees need to be ensured. These balance is leading to many new duties for the HR department.

Time and again one heard that digitisation in German companies is processing only slowly. Nobody would have thought that of all things a virus provides enormous acceleration.

In the course of the demands for a better work-life balance and a sickness rate that is higher throughout Germany than it has been for a long time, the integration of employees into time management processes is a must. The increasing shortage of skilled workers and fluctuating order situations make it necessary to manage employees in a highly flexible manner and across divisions.

We are at your side with our knowledge and support you in employee integration, for example by means of the shift swap exchange or mobile time recording, for demand-optimized and more flexible personnel deployment, high employee satisfaction and strengthened employer branding.