Access Control for manufacturers

Security is one of the main pillars for our life and the work in a digitised world. Digitisation is influencing all industries and a important driver for digital change. The global security scene and its requirements are in upheaval. This makes protection through advanced security management and services all the more important, as they are the basis for sustainable competitiveness and business continuity.

The potential risks that threat the company's values and business processes increase the need for security management and even better protection. Security and protection became the main aspects in private and professional life and the investements for security technologies have increased steadily in the recent years. Today's companies and public buildings usually have more than one security system installed. Efficient event and control centre management systems offer centralised administration from a single source, bringing together all disciplines in one system.

A modern security concept is indispensible for manufacturing companies today. ZEUS® Access Control reliably enables security for employees, visitors, buildings and business equipment around the clock. The Access Control system also protects your data and know how.

With the visitor management you know who comes when and who is there and use the most modern media to welcome your visitors or to register and / or deregister yourself with the Self Service without a gatekeeper. The safety instruction for different visitor groups like craftsmen, suppliers, etc. is conducted and documented reliably. automatically deletes personal data according to GDPR after a definalbe time period.