Access Control at hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities

The challenge of health care is, to create a secured and appealed environment where personnel, patients and visitors feel comfortable. To stay compliant with all legal requirements for security, a digital locking technology for hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities is absolutely necessary.

ISGUS Access Control is suitable as an individual solution for: hospitals and clinics, retirement, nursing and dementia homes, psychiatries, medical centres and practices and pharmacies. And of course for all areas such as premises, building and interior security as well as for individual rooms.

Control the persons entering your building, grant differentiated access authorisations for groups of people and provide barrier-free access for people with limited mobility. You create high access comfort and secure visitor areas of your facility in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The simplification of staff planning in different wards is manageable in ZEUS® via drag and drop. Use the digital ZEUS® Staff Scheduling to increase your efficiency by automatic workflows.


We offer a wide range of services and diverse solutions for all facilities and their individual areas. ISGUS Workforce Management is an interlocking solution which can be individually fit to your requirements. Organize and secure your operation procedure with our modern and digital hard and software solutions – easy, reliable and tailored to your needs.