A safe place for your data - cloud solution from ISGUS

Highest security level according to European standard

Storage capacity at the limit again? Data security a tightrope walk? Our IT landscape is growing day by day. Even small and medium-sized enterprises quickly reach their limits with the rapidly growing data volumes. At the same time, data protection regulations and information security must be meticulously adhered to. This brings beads of sweat to the foreheads of many an IT manager.

Outsourcing via the cloud

The solution is outsourcing via the cloud. But what does cloud actually mean? Cloud means that individual data centres are linked together and data is stored on an external storage location in a closed system. The advantage is that the data is available at any time and any place. This makes access highly flexible for authorised persons, as the data can be retrieved quickly from anywhere and from any device. The only prerequisite is Internet access, and self-sufficient work is already possible.

Security according to European standards 

Many people are still sceptical about decentralised data centres. After all, highly sensitive data is sent to "heaven" here. Therefore, a certain caution is certainly not unjustified. When choosing a cloud provider, one should therefore pay attention to the country in which the central data centre is located. Because the security regulations are usually subject to the respective countries. Cloud infrastructures in European zones are thus already at one of the highest security levels, because the data is protected according to the strict specifications of the European DSGVO standard.

What makes a cloud so special?

Processes and structures can be easily scaled and mapped in a cloud. So it doesn't matter whether the number of employees grows or shrinks. Because in the cloud, adjustments are very easy and quick to implement. Of course, the big advantage is that everyone involved has access to one and the same document. This means that several people can work on one document at the same time, thus eliminating time-consuming e-mail traffic with dozens of variants. Workflows are applied much more efficiently and cost-effectively in this system, while at the same time a stable switch architecture protects against failures - including automatic updates. Using the cloud means moving with the future. It brings supervisors and employees closer together, leaves room for flexible working and increases efficiency.

Cloud technology "Made in Germany"

Today, mapping digital business processes transparently and individually adapting and improving one's own workflows are standards in every modern company. Future-oriented companies therefore cannot do without intelligent cloud technology such as ZEUS® SaaS developed by ISGUS. Experts have dealt intensively with this technology and know the legal requirements to ensure that sensitive data does not fall into the hands of third parties. The uniform concept of cloud connection and use of the individual software modules ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Access Control, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® Plan Data Collection make the use of ZEUS® SaaS extremely lucrative. There is no need for costly system administration, maintenance and IT equipment, as these are conscientiously taken care of by ISGUS. The location of the data centre on the company's premises in Villingen-Schwenningen ensures legally compliant data protection at all times.