A new star in the ISGUS sky

The constantly growing demands in HR require innovative solutions in order to organise processes more efficiently and to master the increasing mountains of documents. This is where our dynamic ZEUS® HR Management comes in, a ground-breaking innovation developed specifically for the digital management of HR processes. ZEUS® opens up new horizons for automating workflows and thus saving time and resources thanks to its targeted customisation to the needs of HR. Structured data management brings order to document chaos.

Introducing: Personnel Management in ZEUS® HR Management
A common problem in HR is the chaos of numerous documents that often disappear into virtual nirvana. With ZEUS® HR Management Personell Managament, this problem is a thing of the past. The structured filing of personal documents not only makes handling easier, but also ensures that no document gets lost. Workflows with reminder functions ensure that you no longer miss any deadlines.

The right document for every Personnel management
Personnel Management is closely linked to our HR Management. These two components can be linked together, making data management even easier and more efficient. Automatic filling of the personnel management means that the latest information is always available. Thanks to ready-made document templates, creating documents is child's play. This not only saves time, but also improves the quality of the documents.

Transparent history and easy handling
With the processing history, Digital personnel file provides a clear overview of all changes to employees' personnel files. This not only promotes transparency, but also makes it easier to track developments. The system's simple menu navigation makes it accessible even for less tech-savvy users.

ZEUS® HR Management is a pioneering solution for companies that want to optimise their HR processes and take them to the next level. The digital transformation represented by ZEUS® HR Management enables companies to meet the growing challenges of modern HR Management with flying colours. Convince yourself of the numerous advantages of our products and simplify the administration of your Personnel management with Digital personnel file.