ZEUS® X mobile for T&A

With the ZEUS® X mobile App ISGUS provides a flexible T&A tool for smartphones and tablets. ZEUS® X mobile is available for the operating system iOS starting from version 8, for Android starting from version 4.4.3 and for MS Windows starting from version 8.1 and can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores.

ZEUS® X mobile is an online solution. Should the connection to the server be interrupted, recorded bookings will automatically be saved on the mobile device. In case of disconnection during a request the results of the previous day will be displayed. Along with the next synchronisation all bookings will be transferred to the host and updated for any further offline requests.   

The benefit for customers using SaaS in the ISGUS data center is a permanent online connection to the host whereas users of a local solution will require an official and certified IP or VPN tunnel for an online connection. 


ZEUS® X Fire Roll Call App

The ISGUS Fire Roll Call App is an extension of the proven ZEUS® X mobile App for mobile clocking and employee-self-service. Find out more about the Roll Call feature here.



Overview scope of performance:

The following bookings can be made:

  • IN
  • OUT
  • IN/OUT with automatic assignment
  • Absence reasons such as:
  • Absence for business
  • Business travel
  • Seminar
  • Bookings with GPS data (localised booking) possible
  • Presence Indicator Board
  • Absence request
  • Booking update request
  • Approving requests
  • Multi-level PDC bookings
  • Evacuation report
  • etc.


The following inquiries are possible:

  • Flexitime balance
  • Holiday
  • Overtime
  • Extra time
  • etc.


Activities can be booked on different cost centres such as:

  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Production
  • etc.

The user can define the most frequently used booking types as personal favorites. A clearly structured page including all “favourites” enables quick access to preferred functions. The “Status” widget gives an overview of the last bookings and their transfer status.

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