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Irrespective of the business type, employees are a company's most important asset. Their availability and skill sets are critical to it’s success. Experience tells us however, that in practice it is difficult to fulfil this requirement simply and effectively, without a great deal of time consuming effort involved. Invariably this will incur extra expenditure, i.e., overtime payments or recruitment of temporary / contract staff. ZEUS® Time & Attendance solution for Staff Planning is the optimum module, effectively assisting you with workforce management, always ensuring correct staffing levels and skill sets are available to implement at any time.


Knowing the demand factors assists in identifying optimum staffing requirement! This is only the first step. Maintaining the correct staffing levels, skill sets, cost factors and planning future demand situations is a complex task. Our experienced consultants will be pleased to recommend the best possible solution to meet your needs. As a result of your requirements and possibilities we plan and carry out a specifically tailored concept with you. This agreed concept provides the basic ingredients essential for ZEUS® Staff Planning to be implemented according to your needs.

Your benefits with ZEUS® Staff Planning Solution

Staying ahead in a competitive market place and cost control are challenges facing most employers daily. ZEUS® Time & Attendance combined with Staff Planning provides effective management, allowing decisions to be made quickly and providing the visibility necessary to deploy staff and skill sets. This will result in a reduction of payroll costs, increased quality of services, meeting deadlines and producing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Reduction in costs and high efficiency

ZEUS® Staff Planning and Time & Attendance perfectly complement each other and support you in identifying your staffing needs and daily staff scheduling tasks. You are constantly updated with information in relation to under-/overstaffing or absences. Staff Planning controls the Time & Attendance system. Consequently, HR Managers can be assured that their planning is always linked to the correct working time patterns and their employee time accounts are correct.

Minimum planning effort

With ZEUS® Staff Planning, the planning process is simplified by means of base plans implemented for a pre-determined period. Anomalies such as demand created due to unforeseen staff shortages, i.e., illness, or overstaffing can be adjusted as required.


Extend and enhance your ZEUS® Staff Planning solution at any time with the following modules:

Following detailed consulting, our ZEUS® software solutions are tailored to your individual needs. Take advantage of the chance to organise your processes more efficiently by means of our ZEUS® solutions.


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