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CORPORATE SECURITY STARTS AT THE DOOR Amodernsecurity concept is indispensable for today’s companies, administrations, publicbuildings, schoolsanduniversities. ZEUS®AccessControl reliably provides round-the-clock security for your employees, visitorsandusersof your buildingsandbusiness equipment.Moreover, theAccessControl solutionensures theprotectionof your dataandknow-how. THE ISGUS PHILOSOPHY: COMPETENT CONSULTATION FOR ACCESS CONTROL AND FACILITY SECURITY

Focus is on security Access control for corporate security isakey component of ZEUS®WorkforceManagement. That iswhyaccess control andsecurityareof particular importance to ISGUSasaprovider of softwareandhardware. Smart terminals, access readersanddigital locking technologyoperatedwithoneand the same transponder or ID card, centrallymanagedby the ISGUSsoftware is the ideal combinationof access control and locking technology. ZEUS® Access Control – Protection round the clock TheZEUS®AccessControl solutionbuilds inyour individual security requirements, local constraintsaswell asapplicable legal regulations for fireprotectionandescape routes tomeet your specificneeds. Toensuremaximumsecurity for your particular situation,weadviseyouon themanifold technical options regardingaccess control, IDcard / transponder technologiesaswell asbiometric identificationandverification, andultimatelypresent youa fully integrated securitymanagement solution tailored toyour business requirements.Weprovideyouwithcompetent support from expert consultancy, project planningand implementationup tovaluableafter-sales support. Benefit from the know-how of the ISGUS Group ISGUSsecurity solutionsare successfullydeployed acrossall industriesandcompany sizes. Fromprotectingentrances to thepremisesandwarehousesof our logistics customers, securingdatacentres, laboratoriesor theproductionareasof ourmedium-sized customers, up toadministeringpersons fromoutside the company—therearevirtuallyno limits to the areasof application. Whynot benefit fromour vast know-howand experience resulting fromover 6,000 installations in thefieldof corporate securityworldwide. Customer satisfaction isdirectly linked tocustomer loyalty! This iswhyweareproud tohavenumerous customers deployingour ZEUS®software solutionnowin its fourthgeneration. Customer proximity is on top priority of ISGUS Our experienced, competent staffwill bepleased to assist you ineveryphaseof theproject, providing consultancy, trainingandqualifiedservice support inyour region. Professional andprompt support in theevent of incidents is key for yourAccessControl system. The ISGUSGroupoperatesadensenetworkof sales andservice centresand,withnumerous locations worldwide,wemost certainlyare represented inyour vicinity. Backedupbyour branchoffices inAustria, UKand theUSA, andprofessionallyassistedbyour long-standingsystempartnersabroad,weareyour reliablepartner for bothnational and international projects.

Our commitment Theaccess control solution is theheart of eachandevery security concept and integral part of any facilitymanagement system.High-performance ISGUShardwareandsoftware, thedigital SecurityLockPlan, logical links like the four-eye principle or roombalancing as well as time zonemonitoringmake the implementationof sophisticatedsecurity conceptsa reality. Everyaccessor accessattempt is seamlesslydocumentedandadditionallyvisualisedon the ZEUS®SecurityMonitor. ACCESS CONTROL FROM ISGUS IS YOUR GUARANTEE OF SECURITY

SECURITY ON ALL DOORS Access readersanddigital lockingcomponents fromISGUSconvinceby their functional design. Access readersof the IT4100and IT4200series that providebest-in-class securityareavailable indifferent variants: protectedagainst vandalismfor outdoor use, integrated intoSSSSiedleor other renownedflush-mounted formats, design-oriented for indoor useor ina look that discreetlymatches your light switches. The ISGUSportfoliooffers theperfect reader for any structural conditionand the ideal lockingcylinder or smart handle for eachdoor, supportingall secure identification technologies suchasMIFAREDESFireor LEGIGadvant. Theyaredesigned toopenandmonitor doors, gatesand barriers, tocontrol elevatorsor tomanage theaccessof employees, visitorsandexternal persons. Fromthe simpleACM suitable for top-hat railmounting to the 19‘‘ control cabinet, yourACMwill beequipped tomeet your specificneeds. ISGUS ACCESS CONTROL MANAGERS (ACM) FOR INTELLIGENT CONTROL OF ACCESS EVENTS ISGUSAccessControlManagersoperateautonomouslyaround the clock, checkingaccessauthorisations,making accessdecisionsand reportingaccess events toboth theZEUS®SecurityMonitor and the central systemhosted either onpremiseor in the ISGUSCloud. IT4100SSS IT402 IT4211 ZEUS® ACCESSCONTROL

ZEUS® Security Monitor – Active security in and around your company For evenmore security, theZEUS®SecurityMonitor visualisesall eventsandmessagesgeneratedand forwardedby the ISGUSAccessControl system. Thisallows your securityofficers toeasilymonitor all protectedareasonyour premisesand insideyour buildings. Additionally, all connected terminals canbeactively controlled. Youcan freelypositiondatapoints, e. g. for doors,windows, locks,motoriseddeadboltsor videocameras, onyour siteand floor plans. Thesedatapointsare linked to the sensorsandactuatorsof theZEUS®AccessControl systemand the radionetworkedZEUS®keyless lockingunits. ZEUS® SECURITY MONITOR

Complementing Access Control with the ZEUS® Security Monitor All possibleaccess eventsare clearly categorisedand the actionsand/or reactions tobe linked toaparticular event aredefined for eachevent type. Thismay include, but is not limited to, displaying instructionsandmeasures, controllingavideosurveillance systemor opening / locking doorsor gates. Furthermore, theZEUS®SecurityMonitor supportsautomaticnotificationof designatedpersonsby e-mail or pushnotification. Asa result, potential hazardsare immediately localised andvisualised in real time. Provided that actioncataloguesaredefined for aspecific event type, theappropriate securitymeasuresareautomatically triggered. The ZEUS®SecurityMonitor thus fulfils theessential functions of asecurity control centre. All access eventsandassociatedmeasuresandactions arevalidated, loggedandarchived for later evaluationand secureauditing. Securitymonitor elements like camera images, access areas, actioncataloguesor control elements, that are frequently requiredbyusers like securityofficers, canbe convenientlyarrangedandvisualisedoncustomdashboards formoreefficient securitymonitoring. TheZEUS®SecurityMonitor isdeliveredcompletely pre-configuredand is ready for usequicklyandwith little effort. TheZEUS®SecurityMonitor communicates via asecure connectionwithall other ZEUS®modules like ZEUS®AccessControl, ZEUS®keylessand theVisitor Management solution.

Flexibility – a must for Access Control Whether newemployeesare joining, othersaremoving temporarilyor permanently toother businessunitsor the useof buildings is changing—withZEUS®Workforce Management, youcaneasilyadapt your SecurityLock Plan tosuit changes inyour organisational structureat any timebyassigningor reassigning theappropriate accessprofiles. Security through alarmmanagement TheAccessControlManager (ACM) transfersalarm eventsdirectly to thealarmmanagement systemor the security control centre. In theevent of door sabotage, emergencyopenings, opendoorsor entryof aduressPIN The digital Security Lock Plan Via theSecurityLockPlan, youcaneasilyand transparentlymanageaccessauthorisations:who isauthorised to opencertaindoorsor the roller shutter andwhen,who is authorised topass through thebarrier to theunderground parkingorwhohasaccess toaparticular floor via the elevator. Detaileduser rights for individual securityareas, room zonesanddoorsbelonging todifferent buildingsor parts of buildings canbequicklyassignedvia the intuitivedigital SecurityLockPlan. Inaddition, youcanseeat aglance whichdoorswithin the individual securityareasareprotectedbyaconventional access reader or adigital locking unit (electronic cylinder or smart handle). ZEUS® ACCESS CONTROL OUR SOLUTION FOR YOUR SECURITY - ON PREMISE OR IN THE ISGUS CLOUD -

code, your securityand facilitymanagement personnel is instantlynotifiedviaSMS.Whenentering/leaving the building, the intruder alarmsystemcanbeactivated/ deactivatedbymeansof the ISGUSsecurity transponder, similar toanaccessbooking. VISIT–Smartmanagement of external persons VISITstands for easeof use: visitor registrationandpreregistrationcanbequicklyhandledby the receptionist or thevisitedperson.Oncevisitorsarepre-registered, you cansend theman invitatione-mail toprovide important informationsuchas timeandgate,where toparkandhow toget there. Youarealwaysup-to-dateonwho is comingandwhen, andwhohasbeen inyour building/onyour premisesand for howlong. Youbenefit fromthemostmodernmedia towelcomeyour visitorsor fromtheVISITSelf Service enablingvisitors to log themselves inand/or out. Efficientworkflows ensure that safetyandsecurity instructions for different visitor groups, suchas craftsmen, suppliers, etc., are reliably carriedout anddocumented. In compliancewithGDPR, VISIT fulfils the taskof deleting personal dataautomaticallyafter anadjustableperiodof time. Themanagement of external persons canbeexpanded virtuallyatwill toprovide comprehensiveyardmanagement solutions for logisticsand transport companies. Your benefits: » Security for companypremises, buildings, dataand facilities » ZEUS®WorkforceManagement asmodularly struc- tured, central systemfor access control, timemanage- ment,management of external persons, staff schedu- lingandproductiondatacapture » Standardisedadministrationandstorageof data, uniformuser interfaceandconsistent operating logic avoiding theproblemsassociatedwith redundant systems » GDPR-compliant, centralmanagement of data, rights and roles in theZEUS®WorkforceManagement system » Wide rangeof accessand time recording terminals allowing for uniformemployee identificationusing ISGUSsecuritybadgesor ZEUS®smartIDviaBlue- tooth » Maximuminvestment protectionand, incaseof system extensions, guaranteedcompatibilityat all times » Competent support andprofessionalmanufacturer serviceprovidedby the regional ISGUSsalesand service centres ID card personalisationwith ZEUS®picture ZEUS®pictureprovidesan integratedsolution for the personalisationof IDcardswhichis ideallysuitedfororganisations facingahighfluctuationof personnel, dealing withexternal companiesor deploying temporaryworkers. Numerous collegesanduniversitiesmakeuseof this option for their on-sitebadgemanagement.

The combinationof classicaccess control anddigital locking technology is ideally suited toprovide security for doors that cannot bewireddirectly to theAccessControlManager for constructional reasons. Inotherwords, digital locking technologyallows you tomoderniseand integrateexistingconventional lockingcomponents step-by-step intoyour ZEUS®environment. Dependingon the customer’s individual securityneedsandconstructional conditions,we canoffer the followingoptions: Radio networking The communicationbetweenofflineelectronic locksand theAccessControlManagers (ACM) is realisedbymeans of so-calledAccessPoints via radio transmission turning theminto fully-fledgedonline components. Access-on-Card (AoC) Theauthorisation required for offlineelectronic locks is defined in theSecurityLockPlan. The individual access profilesareautomaticallyupdatedon theemployees’ ID cardor transponder alongwith their first timebookingof thedaymadeat anIT8210 terminal or anAccess-on-Card reader (IT2100). DIGITAL LOCKING TECHNOLOGY AND CLASSIC ACCESS READERS

IDENTIFICATION FOR ISGUS T&A AND ACCESS CONTROL TRANSPONDER ISGUSsecurity transpondersprovide classic identification not only for digital access control but also for accurate working time recording. Their handling is simpleand uncomplicated. For access control purposes,we recommendsecure reading technologies, i. e. LEGICadvant and MIFAREDESFire. ZEUS® SMART ID Thisappallows you tooperate the ISGUS time recording terminalsaswell asaccess readers toopendoors, barriers andgates viaBluetoothwithwhat youalwayshaveat hand–your smartphone. ZEUS®smartIDenablesbookingsandgate/door openings fromadistanceof up to 10metres. BIOMETRIC FACE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY Themost securedvariant for unambiguous identification of your employees! Thanks to theDeepLearning technology, ISGUS is settingnewstandards. Thebiometric face recognitionmethodmakesuser authorisationmore secureand reliablebyensuring that onlyauthorisedstaff isgrantedaccess, thus eliminatingpossible fraudulent activities. This face recognition terminalworks invirtually any scenariowhere strict access controlmanagement is required. BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT Authorisedpersons canonlygainaccesswith their fingerprint (identification) or, for evenmore security,withfingerprint plusPINcodeentry (verification). Bothmethods work fast and reliably. As eachperson´sfingerprint isuniqueanddoesnot changeover the courseof a lifetime, theuseof biometric access control terminals efficiently increases the security level of access toyour companypremises, buildingsand rooms.HavingsuchanAccessControl systeminplace helps toprevent anymisuseof lost or stolenIDcardsor to eliminate the riskof fake identities. This ishowthebiometric terminal ensuresbotheaseof useandsecurity.

THE ISGUS GROUP As international as its customers and solutions ISGUS, with its close net of distribution partners and entirely customer-oriented and excellent services and training concepts, is your strong and reliable partner now and in the future. Benefit from our long-standing experience resulting from over 15,000 installations worldwide. 003E 0522 0FD 5j Phone +49 7720 393-0 Fax +49 7720 393-184 info@​isgus.​de www.​isgus.​de/en ISGUSGmbH Oberdorfstraße18-22 78054 VillingenSchwenningen Germany