11 VIDEO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS ZEUS® TIME & ATTENDANCE RECORD FLEXIBLE WORKING TIMES With digital Workforce Management from ISGUS you can implement every conceivable work arrangement and flexibly adapt your working hours to the respective workload. Your employees communicate in an auto- nomous, self-dependent way via integrated workflows with ZEUS® and complete routine tasks such as holiday requests or booking updates with minimum effort and without loss of transparency. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance you can solve all time management tasks in a time-saving and reliable way. Thanks to user-friendly employee-self-services, automatic notifications and interactive communication between people and the system, time demanding tasks become standard processes. ZEUS® is suitable for any business sector and company size. The scalable range of functions and the modular structure can be tailored to meet your individual require - ments, adapting to your ever-changing business needs. The advantages of our solution are obvious: Ideal scheduling of individual working times has a highly motivational effect on your workforce and is often the decisive factor in competition to get hold of qualified personnel. With the time management solution from ISGUS, you flexibly adjust your working times to the rapidly chang- ing workload. ZEUS® enables you to define the most flexible work patterns for different employee groups with individual working hours. At the same time, ZEUS® ensures com- pliance with collective bargaining agreements and legal provisions on the one hand, and your individual company or service agreement on the other. Why should you use ZEUS® Time and Attendance to record your employees‘ working hours? Our video explains this quite simply. Have a look… TO THE VIDEO: ZEUS® DIGITAL WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT FROM ISGUS