9 IN interview with Mr STEFAN Beetz How does the changed legal situation on time recording affect ISGUS? The ECJ ruling has brought the topic of “time recording“, which was somewhat antiquated, back into the consciousness of many people. But time recording today is more than just recording attendance time: it is about ensuring legal requirements and also plays an important role in the work-life balance. Incidentally, it is also exciting in this context that in Germany there is still no concrete implementation of the ECJ ruling in a national law. But that will surely come! How important is sustainability to ISGUS? What are we doing about it? For us, sustainability means the careful, economical use of natural resources. We do a great deal to achieve this, not only with our products but also at our headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, for example: The development of high-quality products to have a long service life. Our terminals are developed in such a way that they do not fail or have to be replaced after 3 years. We try to find our suppliers in the region to avoid long transport routes. We have been operating a photovoltaic system on the roof for years. This is now to be significantly expanded so that we can generate a large part of our required electricity from this system. Our terminals are equipped with a “power saving function“, which means they go into power saving mode at defined times and thus save a large part of the energy required. ISGUS TEAM – How do you promote team spirit at ISGUS? I am convinced that the best success is not the result of the best individuals, but the result of the best team! We try to bring together employees from different areas through joint events, so that one gets to know the professional perspective of the other, but also to discover the person behind the colleague. We also try to facilitate an active exchange between employees at different locations. A basic requirement for a team, however, is that everyone knows the overall goal. Only when everyone is marching in the same direction, the team will work. Tolerance is also very important, because each team member has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The digital world is advancing rapidly. Where do you see the strengths of ISGUS? We encounter the term digitalisation in all walks of life. For us as a company, digitalisation is important from two perspectives: What does digitalisation mean for our products and solutions from the customer´s point of view? How does digitalisation change our workflows and processes? Our solutions have been supporting the digitisation process of our customers for a long time and I believe we have convincing solutions for this. Digitalisation in our own company, on the other hand, is a challenge that should not be underestimated! An important point is to take people with you on this journey. Without people, every digitisation process will fail or will not yield the maximum possible benefit. Therefore, we strive to encourage our employees along this path and despite all the digitalisation, personal contact / personal communication must not be neglected!