Cost advantages

What are the cost advantages to you as an SaaS client?

Using our ZEUS® SaaS solution, you have no investment in “in-house” IT-hardware, for example in server, data base licenses, operating systems, all “hidden” costs for administration, maintenance and updates to your own IT-infrastructure are eliminated.

The monthly SaaS fee includes the use of the ZEUS® software licences in the ISGUS data centre as well as IT infrastructure and software maintenance, necessary to the operation.

In the ISGUS data centre you always work with an up-to-date, tested and safe program version. You transfer the investment risk, because you are only paying for the current operation, without financial pre-investments. Therefore you improve your cost structure and you have far more security when forecasting your finances and budget planning!

All IT departmental administration, back-ups etc. “in-house” disappear. The introduction and the current operation of our solution can take place totally independently from your other IT-projects.

  • No staffing constraints caused by absences, temporary replacement etc.
  • Focus on your core business


Total cost of ownership

Important parameters for consideration of the “total cost of ownership”



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